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A unique alliance of Jews and Muslims, The MAJOR Fund bridges communities together towards a positive common cause. Our goal is to assist people in need - regardless of their faith - in the critical areas of clean water, education and healthcare. Find out how you can contribute to those in need through donations of money and time.

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Our Mission

We're bringing clean, safe drinking water to a primary & secondary school in Uganda with over 500 children. Currently, students walk 4.3 miles to a river for water - everyday!

We need your support and contributions.

Finding peace and common ground amongst our faith groups, we collaboratively seek to increase our sense of community and spirituality through personally meaningful work. 

As a young organization with lofty goals, we need your help! If you're interested in helping out, that's excellent - please reach out to us. We are enthusiastic about the great things MAJOR can accomplish, locally and globally.

RAYAN hosted an evening of charity and fashion

The MAJOR Fund was honored to take part in RAYAN's excellent and beautiful fashion show in Los Angeles at Xai Verandah lounge. Thank you to RAYAN! 


Tiny Water Warriors

Students of Kawoko Primary School, Uganda.  

Muslim And Jewish Organized Relief

Reach Out

Work with members across   communities and make a difference!

Sylvia Namukasa

Activist and social worker focused on issues of health and poverty in Uganda. A Partner among The MAJOR Fund's alliance