Muslim And Jewish Organized Relief

The MAJOR Fund believes that now, more than ever, bridges need to be built not only between the Muslim and Jewish communities in the United States, but among all communities of faith.  Under no circumstances should decisions regarding immigration or any rights and privileges granted citizens of or visitors to the United States be based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.   The MAJOR Fund is committed to its founding principles of creating a meaningful interfaith community and together identifying global humanitarian needs and providing assistance through directed funding.

We are excited to announce our most recent project:


  • Funding the purchase of 1000 kits and more to keep girls in school through herowomenrising
  • Funding an ultrasound machine for Syrian refugees camp with SAMS. 

As a young organization with lofty goals, we need your help! If you're interested in helping out, that's excellent - please reach out to us.

We are enthusiastic about the great things MAJOR can accomplish, locally and globally.

Finding peace and common ground amongst our faith groups, we collaboratively seek to increase our sense of community and spirituality through personally meaningful work. 

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