RAYAN continues to be an excellent supporter of The MAJOR Fund. They have shared proceeds from sales with us and hosted a fashion show in collaboration with our organization. Thank you, RAYAN, for all your support! 

A little about them: RAYAN is not only a clothing line, it is a lifestyle. As such, they have always believed that the value of giving is truly more rewarding and satisfying than receiving. For them, giving generously and compassionately gives life purpose and makes it all worthwhile. More info at shoprayan.com


The founding members of MAJOR came together through their participation in a NewGround Fellowship. NewGround (A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change) works to create a world in which trust and partnership replace the current atmosphere of mutual suspicion among Muslims and Jews. This is accomplished by equipping Muslims and Jews in America with the skills, resources, and relationships needed to improve cooperation on issues of shared concern.


The fundamental principles of our faiths, the Five Pillars of Islam and the Five Books of Moses, direct us to repair the world. We are turning our belief in these principles into action by identifying and funding projects throughout the global community. 

Our goal is to assist people in need, regardless of their faith, in the critical areas of clean water, education and healthcare.

Be a part of meeting the world’s greatest needs with your greatest gifts.

                                – Reverend Ed Bacon

2012 -

The MAJOR Fund is established with the assistance of the California Community Foundation 

2013 -

First clean water project completed at an orphanage in Myanmar called Teikha Rama Nunnery.

2014 -
Second clean water project completed at Kawoko Primary School in Uganda.

2015 -
Third project completed to make childbirth safer in Eastern India by providing 2000 JANMA clean birth kits in isolated regions of Odisha and West Bengal

Funded Tulip Table Top water filters for earthquake survivors in Nepal, providing 2500 people with a technology that can filter the harmful bacteria from the water, making it safe to drink.

Drink Up project in Pakistan is funded and is connecting NECTAR water filters with students from Laila and Amar Model School in Sultan Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


The MAJOR Fund is an outgrowth of NewGround. We're happy to maintain a close partnership with NewGround, and appreciate all their support. 

The MAJOR Fund is an independent group in partnership and fiscally sponsored by the California Community Foundation.  All donations are fully deductible to the extent of the law.

Our first project in Myanmar was in close collaboration with the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills. Our working relationship with the Rotary Club has enabled direct involvement and accountability for the project.

We're working closely with RainCatcher and their executive leadership team to build our second project in Uganda. With RainCatcher, we're directly involved with the project execution, and have a clear understanding of the benefits we're providing to the local school. 

Kopernik is a nonprofit organization connecting simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty. We recently completed a project with them to  improve health and safety for pregnant mother in East India.

Project PArtners

mission & vision

The MAJOR Fund is a unique partnership and alliance of Jews and Muslims; a close collaborative relationship of people from different faith backgrounds. 

Our two-fold mission is to increase our sense of community locally and share that community through our global humanitarian projects.

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