Muslim And Jewish Organized Relief

Molly Okuneff
Born and raised in LA. Loves to travel.

Favorite time of day is right before sunset.

Shukry Ali Cattan
Son of interfaith parents (Muslim+Christian).

Works as a community organizer and advocate, including with local refugee communities.

Sajid Mohamedy
Works in consulting & strategy. Passionate about issues of poverty. Enjoys traveling to places he doesn't know the language -- gets lost often.

Alissa Roston

‚ÄčActively involved in global and local initiatives focusing on education, clean water, the arts, and children's issues.  Enjoys family, travel, yoga and spicy food.

Gary Yale
Board member of various global and regional orgs.

Passionate about child protection, survival and education. Enjoys global adventure, poker and family. 

Kiran Hashmi

Policy-wonk with a passion for the environment and local government. Avid whale-watcher, surfer and clean water enthusiast. 

Our volunteer leadership team bring together diverse experiences and backgrounds towards shared common goals of peace and progress 

Diane Vanette
Grew up in the South.

Had a career as a singer (and later, in 

psychology). Devotes herself to repairing the world.

our team